AcuSmart Frequently Asked Questions

What is AcuSmart? 
AcuSmart is a phone app that has three parts. 
1. Questionnaires on ten different systems of your body.  These are an in-depth look at those systems, and at the end, you will receive a percentage score and suggestions to improve your score in the future.
2. Symptoms and how to help them.  AcuSmart has over 100 different symptoms for you to search.  Helpful acupuncture protocols are listed that you can stimulate at home without needles.  
3. The Learning Center has a vast database of knowledge about vitamins, herbs, diet, emotion, and lifestyle that you can implement into your daily life.

Does Acupuncture really work?
Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years.  It is said that more people have been treated by acupuncture than any other form of health care.  That is the benefit of longevity.  If something has been around that long and is being used worldwide, you know it has to work.  But, on top of that, there have been thousands of research studies that validate the effectiveness of acupuncture.  When you add it all together, it has an impressive track record.

But is AcuSmart effective?
Originally acupuncture was much more than simply putting needles in various points on your body.  The acupuncturist from your village knew you and your family.  He knew your diet, your occupation.  Your stresses and probably even your personal issues.  Most of the time, we, in our modern society, will never get to know our doctor anywhere near that well.  This is part of the reason AcuSmart was developed.  You know your situation better than anyone ever could, and AcuSmart gives you the tools to improve your health, just like the acupuncturists of ancient times.  It focuses obviously on Acupuncture points you can stimulate but also diet, nutrition, supplements, and emotional stresses. And tells you how to improve all of them.  All you have to do is apply the knowledge to your life and your particular situation.  So to answer your question, "YES!" AcuSmart works.  But the proof is in the results that you receive as an individual. Start stimulating points, start taking supplements, start improving your diet and you can't help but see results.

What is the difference between “Acupuncture” and Electro-Acupuncture
There are many different ways to stimulate an acupuncture point.  It is theorized that the first acupuncture needles were thorns from trees or bushes.  Metal needles were eventually used, and then it was found that electrical stimulation or even laser light stimulation of acupuncture points was also effective.  The type of stimulation is not crucial to the body; it is far more critical to stimulate the appropriate points.  And this is where the AcuSmart App helps you.

How did acupuncture get started?
There is much speculation about this question.  Some theorize that warriors notice certain ailments went away after being shot with arrows.  (This seems quite unlikely.) Others say it started when beekeepers saw that pain and ailments were reduced after bee stings.  The bottom line is that no one knows how acupuncture started.  But however it started, it works for many different health problems, and with AcuSmart, you can make it work for you and your family.

How can I use AcuSmart to help my family?
When you upgrade to multiple accounts, that is just the beginning.  AcuSmart is so much more than just electro-acupuncture.  You can help your family's health in so many ways by implementing the diet recommendations, the emotional healing work, and other suggestions.

How long should I stimulate the points?
Tap or rub each point for 15-30 seconds.  Using an electro-acupuncture device (which you can get free with an annual membership), stimulate the point for up to 30 seconds but stop if the stimulation becomes too intense.  You will find different points have different sensitivities.  For those points that are too sensitive, you can always stimulate those particular points with your fingers by rubbing or tapping.

What if I want to cancel my membership?
If you decide AcuSmart is not for you, simply cancel your membership. This can be done by going to the Profile Page (the small icon at the bottom of the home page) and going to the subscription page.  How to cancel from there depends on the type of phone you have.   AcuSmart will not bill your card during the 14-day free trial.  
If you have an iPhone, you will cancel through the Apple App Store.  There is a link at the bottom of the subscription page.  
If you have an Android phone, you simply cancel your membership from the subscription page.  

Do you sell my personal information?
No, AcuSmart does not resell any information we receive.  AcuSmart might use de-identified Electro-Acupuncture recordings for research purposes or future improvements.  All personal information is removed from users' data.

Do Third-Party Vendors have access to my information?
External contractors and companies that provide necessary services may have access to some of your information needed for processing but do not have access to our health history, your analysis results, or your questionnaire responses.  The vendor who handles payment processing is an excellent example of this.  Such vendors are required by law to protect the information we share with them.

What information do you collect?
When you create a new account, AcuSmart collects the following required information: name, email, date of birth, sex.  We use this information to ensure that only you have access to this account.  If you are a premium subscriber, we may collect other information into AcuSmart, such as additional health information.  

Is AcuSmart HIPAA Compliant?  What does that mean?
Yes, AcuSmart is HIPAA compliant.  HIPAA is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.  It is a law that protects those who provide health information to doctors and other health-related entities.  We take the privacy and security of your health information seriously.  This means we follow HIPAA regulations and guidelines.  These regulations and policies are set forth by the U.S. Health and Human Services Dept.  requires Administrative, Physical, and Technical controls to be in place.  We comply with HIPAA requirements to use industry best standards to protect and secure your Protected Health Information collected through our AcuSmart App.